The Health Tracking Monthly and Detailed report allow users to get an overview of individuals’ health information. With the Monthly Report users are able to produce a report on an individual’s health information for a chosen time period in a tabular format. The count displayed against each of the health information takes users to the respective forms for detailed information.

With the Detailed Report users can view the health tracking reports of an individual for a defined date range.

Request for Presentation

Users can also use the filter option to view reports on selected health information of an individual. Users can view forms on individuals health information from the links displayed on the Detailed report

  • The Monthly Report table contains high and low vital signs, along with counts of seizures, wounds, menses, intake/elimination and blood glucose.
  • Detailed report provides comprehensive health information of an Individual
  • Reports can be exported to excel.
  • PDF version of reports can be generated by clicking on Display PDF link.

Discussion on Health Care Report by Therap Users

In this video Bev Arvidson, RN Manager and Stephen Bulich, Associate Residential Director of Clinical Services from the Resource Center share their experience on using the Health Care Report.