Health Care Report can be generated for a given time/date range, with summaries from an individual’s data. These may include information extracted from Health Tracking forms, along with key information such as allergies, dietary guidelines, and medical diagnoses. A summary of General Event Reports (GER) or Incident Reports created within this date range is also displayed in the report. Once a report is generated, you can save the report within the system. Comments can be added to this report by users having appropriate privileges. Options to generate detailed and monthly health care reports are available.

Users can generate Health Care Reports for the following Health Tracking modules:

  • The Appointments module supports users to organize any upcoming appointments for individuals. It allows users to obtain the contact information of physicians/specialists and hospitals as well.
  • The Blood Glucose module allows user to record and keep track of the blood glucose levels of an individual in a simple way.
  • The Height/Weight module makes it quicker for users to record the height and weight of the individuals they support.
  • The Immunization Module helps users to keep track of an individual’s vaccines and immunization records.
  • The Infection Tracking module makes it simpler for users to record and keep track of an individual’s infection details.
  • The Intake/Elimination module allows users to track fluid and food intake along with bowel movements of the individual.
  • The Lab Test Result module helps users to create new lab tests, keep track of lab tests scheduled, and record results of lab tests for an individual in a standard form.
  • The Medication History module is an efficient tool for users to keep record of medications administered to individuals.
  • The Menses Module is designed to record an individual’s menstrual information in a standard method.
  • The Respiratory Treatment module allows users to enter details of pulse, respiration, and oxygen saturation before and after an individual’s respiratory treatment.
  • The Seizures module allows users to enter descriptions of seizures.
  • The Skin/Wound module allows users to enter information about skin conditions and wounds being treated for individuals they support in an efficient way.
  • The Vital Signs module provides users a simple and efficient process for documenting an individual’s pulse, temperature, respiration, and blood pressure data.
  • The Summary of General Event Reports allow users to view a summary of incident reports recorded under the General Event Reports module.