Quarterly Nursing Reports

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Therap’s Health Tracking modules allow users to summarize and create Quarterly Nursing Reports for individuals. Depending on the module, users can export Quarterly Nursing Reports to the Excel format and/or download in PDF format, as needed.

Users can generate Quarterly Nursing Reports for the following Health Tracking modules:

  • The Appointments module supports users to organize any upcoming appointments for Individuals. It allows users to obtain the contact information of physicians/specialists and hospitals as well.
  • The Blood Glucose module allows user to record and keep track of the blood glucose level of an Individual in a very simple way.
  • The Height/Weight module makes it faster and easier for the users to record the height and weight of the Individuals they support.
  • The Immunization Module helps user to keep track of an Individual’s Immunization records.
  • The Infection Tracking module makes it simpler for users to record and keep track of an individual’s infection details.
  • The Intake/Elimination module makes it easier for the users to track fluid and food intake along with bowel movements and other output of the Individual.
  • The Lab Test Result module helps users to create new lab tests, keep track of lab tests scheduled, and record results of lab tests for an Individual in a standard form.

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  • The Medication History module is an efficient tool for users to keep record of medications given to individuals.
  • The Menses Module is designed to record Individual’s menstrual information in a standard method.
  • The Respiratory Treatment module allows users to enter details of pulse, respiration, and oxygen saturation before and after an individual’s respiratory treatment.
  • The Seizures module allows users to enter descriptions of epileptic seizures. Specific Health Tracking roles are required to use this module.
  • The Skin/Wound module allows users to enter information about skin conditions and wounds being treated for individuals they support in an efficient way.
  • The Vital Signs module provides users a simple and efficient process for documenting individual’s pulse, temperature, respiration, and blood pressure data.
  • The Summary of General Event Reports allow users to view a summary of incident reports recorded under the General Event Reports module.