The Vital Signs module under Health Tracking contains sections for recording an individual’s pulse, temperature, respiration, and blood pressure. By entering data, you can view a reference table that displays the normal range for each vital sign (according to the requirements of The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology, CCHIT). The system has the ability to detect an out-of-range value and displays an ‘Outside Range’ message beside the particular entry. It also prompts for a high notification level to be assigned to the record. Users may also enter additional information about each of these readings.

Results can then be graphed or presented in a table which can be exported to Excel. Reports can be downloaded in PDF format and emailed via Therap’s secure communications (SComm) to other users.

  • Summarize Individual’s Vital Signs records into periodic reports.
  • Records can be presented in Graph or Table format and exported to Excel format.
  • Individual’s records can be easily accessed using the ‘Search’ feature.
  • System detects and emphasizes unfavorable conditions that require immediate attention.

Vital Signs User Guides