• Identification Data, Insurance, Contacts & Program Enrollment Information
  • Medical Profiles including Diagnoses, Allergies & Medications
  • Guidelines, Information & Contacts for emergencies involving an individual

The Individual Data form (IDF) is designed to help you record and maintain essential Information regarding the individuals you support. The page contains basic information such as first and last names, gender, date of birth, SSN, Medicaid number, admission date, physical features, and more. You are able to attach two photographs of the individual and add external files or attach scanned documents to this module.

Demographic Reports

The Demographic Report is based on the information entered in the Individual Data forms. The report displays the relevant demographic statistics by active/inactive individual, gender, age, mobility, communication modality, top 10 diagnoses and others.

Individual Data Forms Training Academy Course

Individual Data Forms: Introduction

This course will give you an overview of Therap’s Individual Data Form (IDF) and Emergency Data Form (EDF) sections.
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Individual Data Forms User Guides

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