Therap provides a concise yet comprehensive view of individual-focused information. You can obtain summaries regarding an individual’s active allergies, medications, and services received using the Individual Home Page. It consists of 4 tabs including Home tab, Profile tab, Plans tab, and Case Status tab.


  • Modules activated for the individual show up on the left-hand side of the Individual Home Page which includes shift notes, daily logs, incident reports, and more
  • Individual-specific Dashboard counts – Notifications for T-Log, ISP Data, ISP Program, and GER
  • Notifications for upcoming and overdue appointments and immunizations
  • Options to collect data on individual’s ISP Programs and Billing Data Entry for authorized services
  • Links to the Individual Data form, Emergency Data Form, Individual History, and Health Passport


  • Summary of the Individual Data form including medical information, guidelines, language and ethnicity
  • Lists active medications, allergies, and diagnoses
  • Contacts, team members, and staff who have access to the individual’s caseload
  • Photos to create albums or upload pictures


  • Approved plans designed for the individual, including dates from each form
  • Available plans include Behavior Plan, Care Plan, ISP Plan, Custom Form, and more
  • Count section displays counts for acknowledging ISP Plan, Individual Care Plan and Behavior Plan

Case Status

  • Displays the names of the provider and the programs where the individual Is enrolled and related information
  • ‘Active Program Enrollment’ section will redirect to the Program Enrollment page for the individual