Therap Individual Home Pages allows care providers to find a wide range of person-centered information regarding an Individual’s background, support plans, health information, incident reporting and activities, all within the same area.

Individual Home Page User Guides

Support Information and Live Feed

Individual Home Page extracts information from several Therap Individual Support modules, forms and charts and lists them on a page. The tables of an Individual Home Page show:

  • A picture identifying the individual
  • Quick access to common modules including Case Note, ISP Data, ISP Program, T-Log, MAR, GER, GER Resolution, Attendance, Time Tracking, Individual Care Plan, Consent and Authorization and Document Storage
  • Links to individual information including Individual Data, Emergency Data Form, Individual History, Employment History and Health Passport
  • List of ISP programs with direct links for entering new ISP Data and list of current service authorizations
  • Count number displayed for various modules
  • Upcoming Appointments and Immunizations and overdue Immunization
  • Profile page for an Individual that contains identification data including basic information, medical information, other relevant information that are pulled from the Individual Data form, and additional health information including active medications, diagnoses, allergies, and order details

Other information available on the Individual Home Page include Individual Support Plans and Active Program Enrollment for the individual.