• Develop Detailed Person Centric Service Plans

  • Determine Goals, Objectives & Scoring Method
  • Generate Reports for Review & Analysis
  • Attach External Documents and Therap forms

ISP Modules

Individual Support Plan facilitates methodical and concise individual planning. Provider agencies can use Therap’s service plans and goal tracking tool to plan, organize and implement services for each individual in a HIPAA compliant manner. The ISP module includes program definition and service data collection which covers a flexible way of tracking an individual’s progress in achieving the goals. ISP Reports provide detailed information about an individual’s goals and outcomes. 

You can also document the following funded services and supports on the Individual Service Plan:

  • Natural Supports and Community Resources
  • Medicaid State Plan Services
  • Federal, State, and County Funded Resources
  • HCB Waiver Service Summary
  • Name of Service Provider Receiving Copy of the Plan & Attachments

ISP Data

ISP Data is used to collect data for the associated ISP to track the progress of individuals on a regular basis. ISP Data can be collected by:

  • Entering the details of a program session
  • Specifying begin and end times or time duration of services that were provided during a session
  • Recording scores over a period of time

Individual Support Plans Training Academy Course

ISP Program User Guides