ISP Automated Training

The Individual Support Plan (ISP) provides an enhanced workflow for planning and documenting supports for Individuals. With the ISP, user can record an individual’s personal details including Risks and Professional Services, Action Plan, Discussion Records, and Service Supports.

  • Document Detailed Information to Facilitate Plan Building for Individual Based Services
  • Determine Goals, Objectives & Scoring Method
  • Generate Reports for Review & Analysis
  • Attach External Documents and Therap forms

The ISP module includes program definition, data collection, and report generation which offers a flexible way of tracking goals and progress of an Individual.

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ISP Program

ISP Program module is designed to facilitate the development of a detailed Plan with scoring methods that track progress on specific goals and individual skills. The ISP Program modules is used to design and document teaching programs that track training goals or objectives for an Individual.

An ISP Program can be further subdivided, breaking a program into one or more tasks. Tasks assigned can be evaluated by using a Scoring Method such as Yes/No, Level of Independence, or one that is user-defined. These scores determine the level of success in each task.