The Staff Action Plan is an essential document for providers of Habilitation Services (e.g., IRA residential habilitation, group day habilitation, supported employment services, etc.) to people with developmental disabilities. Therap’s Staff Action Plan module contains the recommended key elements including the TABS ID Number, Medicaid Number, Care Coordination Organization, and much more. The Staff Action Plan is integrated with the ISP Program and IPOP modules.

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The following features make the Staff Action Plan module useful for habilitation service providers to assist people with developmental disabilities:

General information contained in Staff Action Plans includes type of service, IRA type, service plan meeting date, last revision date, residence/service location, frequency of service, and time period.
Staff Action Plans are created for different types of habilitation services, for example, IRA residential habilitation, group day habilitation, and supported employment (SEMP) habilitation and others. Users are able to create more than one Staff Action Plans for the same type of service for an individual enrolled in multiple programs.
Valued outcomes/priority goals for the individual can be listed with details on data collection time, frequency and scoring methods. Users are able to provide details on goals/supports with staff action(s) and steps that are to be taken to achieve an outcome.
Therap Staff Action Plans are interlinked with Individual Service Plans (ISP). This makes it possible to add valued outcomes to an individual’s Staff Action Plan, directly from his or her ISP. Users have the option to enter other outcomes as well.
Safeguards for an individual can be attached to Staff Action Plans as external documents.
Users have the option to add individualized service safeguards from the Individual Plan of Protection and Oversight (IPOP) module.
Like most other Therap modules, Staff Action Plans provide flexible options for plan builders, approvers and reviewers.
As with other Therap applications, Staff Action Plans include efficient search options for users.

State Specific Staff Action Plan Format

For users in New York, ISP and Staff Action Plan features are brought under the same section. Along with generic ISP and Staff Action Plan options, some additional NY specific features are provided to support a complete workflow. These include:

The checklists automatically pull the Tasks/Staff actions associated with the valued outcomes/prioritized goals in the corresponding service plan. This is done with the help of an underlying mapping between Habilitation Service Types and Hab Checklists. The checklist lists all services delivered against each ‘valued outcome’ on a monthly grid. In addition, monthly summary notes can be added to these reports along with signatures of staff person writing the note, title of the author of the monthly summary and date.
Medicaid Service Coordinators are able to document monthly MSC notes detailing Individual Service Plan (ISP) reviews and updates, ICF/IID level of care eligibility determination, face-to-face contact(s) with the individual and referral/linkage, benefits management or monitoring activities conducted during the month. The MSC note also includes a monthly summary documenting an individual’s satisfaction, significant changes in an individual’s life, health and safety concerns and follow-up actions.
The module is used to assign Medicaid Service Coordinators for individuals receiving services. Users are able to record LCED dates and attach LCED documents with IDF Extensions.
These are generated at the end of an individual’s service/habilitation plan workflow to determine whether all necessary criteria have been met before billing for a service.