Individualized Plan of Protective Oversight and Safeguards

The Therap IPOP takes a questionnaire based approach to record and update both general and residential information needs. These are usually referenced in the Safeguards section of an ISP Plan.

Safeguards are also required to be included with ISPs to ensure that when risks are taken they are done so consciously and with a consideration of the person’s best interests. Users can include safeguards such as Day Program, Supported Employment, Work Center and Individualized Services with ISPs.

What is IPOP?

The Individual Plan of Protective Oversight and Safeguards (IPOP) is a documented and approved plan used for the sole purpose of enhancing Individual safety. It clearly lists the key activities that affect the health and welfare of an Individual. The main idea is to document the procedures and guidelines for providing support to the Individuals along with their protection and safety requirements for different programs. The plan is often linked to an Individual’s ISP.

Who can benefit from IPOP?

As the main purpose of IPOP is ensuring Individual safety, it is an effective feature for any agency providing support to Individuals. The plan is linked to an Individual’s ISP and clearly documents the protection and safety requirements of the Individual along with recommended actions in details. As a result, care providers are always better equipped to give improved service.

IPOP User Guides

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