Management Summary

The Management Summary gives you a simple and effective way to keep track of all the activities of your staff. You can view information on staff members (Staff Report), using the Therap system. You can view information such as first and last names of your co-workers, gender, access rights, title and status of the user within the system.

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Event Summaries

The Event Summaries gives a user a simple and effective way to keep track of events occurring at the agency. Through this a user can check the General Event Reports (GER) and Behavior Event Records (BER) that might have occurred for different programs, in a summarized form. Users will be able to generate two types of Event Summary report:

  • Caseload Based Event Summary Report
  • Agency Wide Event Summary Report

Therap displays these information in a summarized format of your choice. It also gives you the option to Export to Excel. You can then use the information in Excel to create graphs, use advanced filters like auto-filter or merge with other data.