Incidents caused due to a medication error can be documented using Therap’s Incident Reporting module or GERs. The medication error event data is pulled from an individual’s medication history profile for accurate reference of the exact medication that was administered by error.

This event documents medication error by type, error details (e.g., medication ordered and medication given), prescriber notification and reason for errors among others.

Medication Error Events User Guides

Specifics on the error that can be recorded are as follows:

  • Persons Responsible: Person who was responsible or in any way attached to that medication error.
  • Severity: Severity of the event error, 1 being very minor and 10 being very severe.
  • Medication As Ordered: Medication that was prescribed to the individual by the doctor.
  • Medication As Given – Medication that was given to the individual by the user.
  • Time of Initial Error: Enter date and time when a medication was supposed to be given but was not given at all.
  • Reason for error: Cause of errors and any reasons or further explanation for error can be recorded.
  • Witness: Up to two witnesses can be selected, if the agency requires it.