Secure Communications (SComm) messages facilitate the exchange of information among users in an agency, in a secure and HIPAA compliant way. SComm messages help improve communication-related to services as well as the operations of the company such as agency-wide meeting announcements. You can share both general and individual-specific information and attach various files and individual-specific plans, forms and reports from other Therap modules through SComm messages.


  • HIPAA Compliant, Secure Messaging & Sharing
  • Email Notifications
  • Create Custom Recipient Groups
  • Attachment Support for External Documents

SComm Training Academy Course

SComm User Guides

Sending and Tracking Messages

  • Multiple options available including Compose, Reply, Reply to All, and Forward
  • Attach internal (e.g. ISP) as well as external documents (e.g. Word or Excel) to the messages
  • Senders and receivers can filter or search for messages
  • Marked messages as ‘Read’ can be listed in the reader’s list of each SComm message

Sharing Data

You can share both general and individual-specific Information and attach various files and plans, forms and reports from other Therap modules through Secure Communications messages. Sharing forms or reports from most modules, such as an ISP Program or a GER (Incident Report), with co-workers, is possible from both the Secure Communications interface and the module’s interface.

Providing Access

  • Select multiple recipients based on names, titles and program names

  • Create custom user groups
  • Exchange messages between multiple agencies who provide support to the same individuals
  • Send SComm messages within the agency and to other providers linked to that agency including oversight agencies
  • Share relevant information with oversight agencies from within Therap


SComm messages can be prioritized with ‘High’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Low’ notification levels. You may choose to receive notifications for SComm messages on email and/or text messages by configuring the notification level needed to receive notifications via your chosen media.


The forms that are sent via SComm also follow Therap’s security protocols and only the recipients with appropriate access privileges are able to open the form attachments. Communication through SComm is processed using Therap’s secure, HIPAA compliant servers so that information shared remains safe and secure.