T-Log is an alternative to your logbooks and the daily notes that you share with other staff members at your agency. You may write T-Logs for specific individuals or for a particular program. These logs are automatically shared with coworkers who also support the individual. A record of updates made to a T-Log is maintained and can be accessed easily from within the T-Log.

Types of T-Log

T-Logs can be categorized using one or more of the preset labels Health, Notes, Follow-up, Behavior, Contacts and General. Categorizing T-Log by their type helps staff organize the notes according to their convenience.

Tracking T-Logs

T-Logs carry information that needs to be seen and known by those supporting an individual in an agency. Thus, Therap’s To-Do list on the Dashboard helps to keep track of information by displaying a count of T-Logs that are yet to be read. The ‘Acknowledge & Next’ feature makes it easy to read through large numbers of unread T-Logs. This also reduces the count of T-Logs from your Dashboard, helping you to keep an exact count of T-Logs that you need to acknowledge.


The notification level of a T-tog automatically defaults to low and the agency may select an appropriate notification level to denote the importance or urgency of the message. A user has the ability to configure the system to receive notifications based on these levels – High/Medium/Low. You may choose to receive notifications over email, text messages or through Therap’s Secure Communications (SComm) messages.

Mobile T-Logs

Tlog Mobile

You can also create and view T-Logs from your mobile phones!
Find out more about T-Logs for Android.
Find out more about T-Logs for IOS.

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