Time Tracking module is for monitoring behavior and other items such as sleep charts, CPAP, positioning, and more of an individual over a time span at regular intervals. You can create Time Tracking templates, listing up to 10 options, outlining what to track, what observations are expected, and the length of an interval. Each observation is assigned a color that helps identify patterns of behavior from the data collected.

  • Analyze Time Tracking Patterns from Reports
  • Monitor Time Tracking Activities at Regular Intervals
  • Track Behavior Related Interventions
  • Determine Behavior Trends

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Time Tracking

This course will cover the setup and use of Therap’s Time Tracking module.
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Time Tracking User Guides

Informative Reports

You can generate comprehensive reports containing data recorded for a date range. The reports show the maximum, minimum and average durations and total counts for each of the observations recorded for an individual to determine the duration and frequency of an individual’s behavior.

Behavior Tracking

Behavior Event Record (BER) module is used to record the details of the behaviors of individuals and their intervention techniques. Individuals may have a behavior plan defined for them or have their BER recorded.

Reporting Feature

The detailed reporting feature of the BER module allows you to generate the following four types of reports: Behavior Event Frequency, Behavior Intervention Frequency, Interval Frequency, and Interval Percentage

The reports can be displayed in tabular or graphical format for daily to yearly ranges. The reporting mechanism enables an analysis of individuals’ behavior patterns and assesses the effectiveness of interventions within a span of time.

Interval Data

You can enter interval data on the occurrence of behaviors to note the number of instances of that behavior, in a day or an hour, allowing for accurately determining the frequency of an individual’s behavior.