Training Management System

The Training Management System (TMS) has been designed to help providers monitor and manage staff training, and communicate information about classes, certification, and expiration to all the people involved.

TMS provides each trainee staff an area on the Dashboard displaying personal training information and notifications. With TMS:

  • Administrators/Supervisors can Setup Classes, Courses and Curriculum
  • Administrators/Supervisor can Create/Edit Sessions
  • Administrators/Supervisor can certify trainees
  • Administrators can track Certificates of trainees
  • Administrators can manage instructors
  • Administrators can manage supervisors
  • Provider Administrators can track all TMS related activities
  • Trainee staff can sign themselves up in their assigned Training Sessions.
  • Users can view the list of Sessions they have been signed up for.
  • They are also able to view their own results as soon as they are published.
  • Trainee staff can download any notes related to their Training Sessions.
  • TMS notifies trainee staff of their dues and overdues.
  • Trainee staff can view their Training History any time they desire.

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Training Management System User Guides