Meet Toni-Ann Larnaitis

Toni-Ann Larnaitis

Billing Specialist

Toni-Ann Larnaitis joined Therap Services as a Billing Specialist in May 2019. Prior to Therap, Toni-Ann spent more than 14 years in the field of Development/Intellectual Disabilities. She spent two years working in Administration as a Therap Trainer and Billing Specialist for Group Homes. In this position, her primary focus was to: transition the Residential Group Homes to Fee-for-Service, manage billing, and rectify denied claims for Residential Group Homes and Day Habilitation. Toni-Ann also trained new employees and staff members at the agency in using Therap for MARS, Appointments, Tlogs, Scomms, ISP, GER’s, and Billing.

Toni-Ann obtained her Associates Degree from Brookdale Community College in 2011.