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The 2nd Annual Certified Trainers Summit will be September 12th +13th, 2018

This year’s Therap Certified Trainer Summit will be in Drury Plaza Hotel St. Louis St. Charles in Missouri on September 12th and 13th, 2018. This event will focus on highly interactive small group discussions, especially on the direction of the Certified Trainers program itself and keep the Trainers’ ideas moving forward.

Last years event was excellent and we are excited to be having this event for the 2nd year.

Details about this event and other conferences and regional events can be found on our web-site.


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Extended Winter in the North East

As I sit at my desk and wait to clock out for the day. I’m waiting for the last winter storm to develop and move through. I look forward to Spring days and flowers and buds on trees and longer days. Because as much as I enjoy my job and Therap :-) …. sitting at my desk and being in the office has drained my spirit. I need a day at the beach :-) soon.

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Making a change…

Just wanted to let all my Therap followers know that I will be changing providers as of August 1.  I will be joining Diversified Enterprises in Tifton, GA. If you need my new contact information, just let me know!

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Individual Home Page – Albums

April Tip of the Month

Did you know you can store important documents and pictures using the Album feature? Under your Individual Home Page tab, Select the individual that you would like to access. Once you have their home page pulled up, click on the Profile listing on the top left (just under their photo). As you scroll down the page, you will see the Go To box on the left hand side with the Album link listed there. You can create albums such as “Important documents” or “2017 photos” that you would like to store for the individual. Keep in mind though that this option does not allow you to search for documents. If you need to store several documents […]

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February 2017

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Happy February everyone! I am happy to say I made it through the storms/tornadoes in South Georgia with only needing a new roof so I consider myself blessed. My thoughts go out to my friends in the northern states who are experiencing a winter storm.

Therap Tip of the Month: Administrators who enter ISP programs should submit the information a few days prior to the start date instead of approving right away. This gives the administrator time to review it again before approving it. Best case scenario would be for one person to enter the program and another person review and approve, but we all wear many hats in this field […]

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Free Webinar: A Day in the Life of a Therap Manager, February 14 at 1pm EST

We are pleased to announce our free Certified Trainer led webinar on ‘A Day in the Life of a Therap Manager’ which will be held on February 14 at 1pm EST. Certified Trainer, Jason Garrad, Therap Trainer/IT/Provider Admin, Ravalli Services Corporation, Montana, will walk users through what the life of a Therap Manager is like.

Click here to register.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

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Consistency is Key!!

Consistency is very important when using databases such as Therap. Therap is a wonderful program, however in order to use it to its fullest extent it is important to ensure that you are being as consistent as possible with how data is entered.  A good start is to ensure that saved reports and documents that are scanned into Therap are being titled consistently among programs.   This is the same for all modules and all data that is entered into Therap.   This will assist with pulling information out of the system later to gather information within specific areas.

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Top Ten Tips to Building Beautiful MARs in Therap

grace_robinson_medication_administrationMy name is Grace Robinson, and I am the Clinical Services Manager at Puget Sound Regional Services, where I manage the medication system for the largest supported living provider in Washington State that tailors its services to meet the needs of Deaf, Blind, and Deaf-Blind individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

One of the ways I support our 70+ clients at this agency is by building and auditing our Medication Administration Records (MARs), to ensure error-free documents for our direct support staff to work from. Having an effective and safe medication management system in place is critical to client safety, as medications have the potential to cause great harm. The Therap MAR […]

Making in house training videos quick easy and free.

If you are the in house Therap trainer, or at the very least the person everyone goes to when they want to know how to do that one little thing, you probably wish you had time to do a Power Point full of screen shots or a step by step manual. You have taken different colleagues through the steps many times, but never captured it. Well if you are using Windows 10 you could have already recorded an amazing tutorial to share with everyone.

I struggled with deciding which tool to use to record tutorials. My company has GoToMetting, but not everyone has access to it. We also just started using Skype and you can record Skype

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Excel But Were Afraid To Ask

As I’m getting ready to present again at the National Conference in January, I am curious if there are any requests out there regarding how to use Excel to analyze Therap data.  There usually is someone who gives a presentation about PivotTables so I tend to avoid talking about them.  Instead, I tend to focus on topics such as advanced filters, “Text To Column,” and the VLOOKUP function.

But what else?  What do you like to see?  Let me know!

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Training New Therap Users


I find that some new users feel overwhelmed with new technology. And, those are the ones that I often focus on when training. Tech savvy users follow along, and sometimes scout ahead. The introduction of just the basic functions of Therap, is key to easing newbies into the world of Therap. Start with 1) Login, 2) This is your Dashboard, 3) Left Column you have the *To Do list and * Individual tabs (that’s it, wait to discuss the tabs that follow) 4) Modules *ISP Data * T-Logs 5) S-Comms. I may have simplified it with steps missing in this post, but my point is, do not overwhelm them with too […]

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New Jersey National Conference 2017

I am such a geek and therefore anticipating the Therap National Conference like a child on Christmas. I want to be on top of my game and I plan on devoting time to going over my modules providing relevant dialog about how my agency utilizes the system. My vocational program is also piloting the Employment/Volunteering History Module. I hope to be able to share our experience and learn more at the conference. If anyone is interested in how the use of the module is going for my agency email me @ nndiaye@gwct.org

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Free Webinar: Using Therap in New York State: A Review of the Full Individual Support Plan and Hab Plan, Oct 18, 2016, 1 PM EDT

We are pleased to announce our free Certified Trainer led webinar on ‘Using Therap in New York State: A Review of the Full Individual Support Plan and Hab Plan’ which will be held on Oct 18th at 1pm EDT. Certified Trainer, Roslita Lilley, Therap Admin at Liberty ARC, New York, will walk users through using the ISP to meet New York State regulations. Additionally, she will review the synergy between the Individual Data Form, the Individual Support Plan, and the Habilitation plan within Therap.

Click here to register.

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Meriden CT Therap Training

The recent Therap Training in Meriden CT was pretty good. The first day of the conference 9/27/16, I enjoyed the question and answer set up of most of the classes. By day two, I admittedly was not as invested as day one. The format of classes went back to show and tell. That said, I do look forward to more Trainings and Nerd exchanges, where I can talk Therap Speak and ask more questions. Happy Fall all… I thought I would use my blog more often, so I’m going to try.

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Free Webinar: Podcast: Training New Hires, Sept 30, 2016, 1 PM EDT

We are pleased to announce our free Certified Trainer led webinar on Podcast: Training New Hires which will be held on Sept 30 at 1pm EDT. During this podcast, we will have an open discussion regarding best practice for training new hires and existing staff.

Click here to register.

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Free Webinar: Tips and Tricks for Transitioning to an EHR system, September 20, 2016, 1 PM EST

We are pleased to announce our free Certified Trainer led webinar  on Tips and Tricks for Transitioning to an Electronic Health Record system which will be held on September 20, 2016 at 1pm EST. Certified Trainer, Darren Kenyon, Program Support Specialist at Sunrise Community, will highlight the implementation plan utilized for his agency, highlight reports that have helped oversee usage, training of new staff, and speak to the successful choices and lessons learned.

Click here to register.

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Free Webinar: Oversight Account – maintenance, FAQ’s, caseloads, OS reports Sept 15, 2016, 2 PM EDT

We are pleased to announce our free Certified Trainer led webinar on Oversight Account – maintenance, FAQ’s, caseloads, OS reports which will be held on September 15th, 2016 at 2pm EDT. Certified Trainer Lorelei Glenn will provide training regarding the maintenance, caseloads, generating oversight account reports, and answer and lingering questions you may have surrounding the use and implementation of your oversight account.

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Free Webinar: Therap PodCast: An Open Conversation about Quality Assurance, Sept 7, 2016, 2 PM EDT

We are pleased to announce our free Certified Trainer led webinar on the Therap PodCast: An Open Conversation about Quality Assurance which will be held on September 7th, 2016 at 2pm EDT. Certified Trainers Kristen, Alyssa, and Hollie will walk users through key questions that includes:  Do you check Therap routinely or is that a “false” expectation? What are realistic ways to stay on top of an efficient QA process? .

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Creative uses of “Individual Contacts”: Surveys, Maps, and Stakeholder Relations

We are pleased to announce our free Certified Trainer led webinar which will be held on September 2, 2016 at 1pm EDT. Certified Trainer, Tom Peterson, Quality Assurance Specialist at D&S Community Services, will walk users through how to take contacts and create Google Maps, conduct Satisfaction Surveys, improve Stakeholder relationships, and verify addresses.

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