Let me tell you why the IPOP/Safeguard Acknowledgement may be number 1 on my top ten list of new things I love on Therap.

Before 8.0, our process for an IPOP/Safeguard Acknowedgement after an update was a three step process:

1) T-Log – the staff that updated the IPOP/Safeguard would also write a T-Log notifying staff that there had been an update, which the DSP’s would then need to Mark as Read,

2) IPOP/Safeguard – the DSP’s then had to scroll down to the IPOP/Safeguard section, complete a Search to find the one that had been updated, so they could read it.  And finally,

3) ISP – we would create an ISP Program (with no tasks) that stated in the teaching method…”In clicking on ‘Acknowledge,’ staff are stating that they have read the updated IPOP/Safeguards and understand that it is their responsibility to implement this IPOP/Safeguards to ensure the safety of the individual.” which the DSP’s then had to acknowledge.

Crazy, huh?  All of that so we could get an Acknowledgement Report.

After 8.0, it’s as simple as clicking on the number, reading the IPOP, and clicking on Acknowledge!

TADA!!!  Thanks Therap!!!