Picture of Sue's in CDS conference

Sue continues to share her great ideas across the United States.   Coming from Jamestown, NY on Friday, to Overland Park, KS today, telling great personal stories about her son Charlie and the 10 Pack she dreams of having someday!  One of the phrases she likes to use is “Carpe Podium!”  “Seize the Microphone!” And she does a great job!

The conference continues to be a fun time for all; I’ve had the oppotunity to speak to a lot of different Therap Users.  It’s been great to see a fresh perspective from some users that have just started, and they really appreciate hearing about our experiences at The Resource Center (both good and bad)!

Tonight CDS is presenting movie night, complete with popcorn, and, of course, Therap will have their games out for those overly competitive folks here.  Hopefully I’ll get another chance to beat Pete at Rock Band or Guitar Hero.  I might even challenge Warren to a game of golf since he’s only playing with his left hand!