Day three is starting early for me, so I thought that I would take this quiet time to write my very first blog.  Now it is no lie that compared to my other bloggers, I am behind in this race!  I will say that I did start a facebook page last night, which was fun and exciting, and it is one thing that I am ahead of Renee on.  Speaking of Renee, we did a cool session yesterday about the behavior module.  There were lots of interesting discussion going on in that room.

Picture of Renee from TRC discussing the behavior module

Renee from TRC discussing the behavior module.

As for me, tomorrow I will fly back to Indiana and get to see my family again.  My daughter proclaimed to me this morning that tomorrow is going to be the greatest day ever because of three things:
1.  She has a field trip tomorrow.
2.  Tomorrow night is trick or treating.
3.  Her daddy is coming home.

It’s always nice to know that you are loved.  Until next time….