Well, the Kansas Conference is slowing coming to an end. As usual, it’s been a great time to meet with old Therap users and to meet lots of new or potential Therap users. I know you’ve heard it before, but if you haven’t been to a Therap conference, you should really try to come to one. They are so much fun (just check out all the pictures on any of the blogs)!!!

Thanks to everyone at Therap for all the hard work they put into these conferences. Maureen, Asif, Sazzad, Justin, Anna, Richard, Jim, and Warren, you guys are awesome!!! I know that Richard sometimes keeps you up really late at night for discussion meetings and then has you get up really early to get ready for the day, but it’s worth it for all of us that attend!

Now it’s time to go from 68 degree weather here in Kansas to 37 degrees and snow in NY! None the less, there’s no place like home!!!