A great benefit of using Therap is the ability to enhance or incorporate an incident management system within your organization.

Incident Management Systems (IMS) are a very important component in our effort to provide quality supports for people with developmental disabilities.  We all deal with making decisions about how to work more effectively and effeciently due to limited budgets and resources.  A good IMS can assist in those efforts and with those decisions.

Therap allows for:

Immediate response to incidents through the use of GERs:

This is enhanced by the capability of incorporating notifications by cell phone, email, and secure communication to supervisor, service coordinators, administrative staff, etc as needed.

Routine/scheduled monitoring of incidents through the event summary feature:

This enables an organization to monitor for trends and complete analysis of those trends.  This analysis can help with strategic planning for an organization.

As helpful as the current Therap capabilities are – after attending the brainstorming session with Warren in Kansas – I’m even more excited about the T-sync Approach.

It appears this could give the capability for a quick review of what activites are occurring during a selected time frame.  You could compare the incidents during that same timeframe to analyze how environmental factors and staffing patterns may be contributing to those incidents.

By learning more about why things are happening we can also do more for prevention.  I love being “PROACTIVE” rather than “REACTIVE”.

Renee – this is another reason I LOVE THERAP!!!!!!