I sent a feedback to Therap about IPOP/Safeguards automatically attaching to the ISP Plan even though the individual had been deactivated from the program the IPOP was referring to several months prior to the ISP Plan being created.

For example, and IPOP was approved for the Day Program in May, the individual was deactivated from the Day Program in August and the ISP Plan is currently being created.  That IPOP is automatically listed in the ISP Plan, even though it is no longer applicable.  The only solution that they had for me was that the IPOP would need to be discontinued so that it would no longer link to the ISP Plan.

Although this will work, I had to give back privileges to the Day Program staff so that they could discontinue the IPOP now, months later.  However, I think that there should be some other mechanism in place.  How is the Provider Administrator to know if all the necessary information has been discontinued prior to deactivating an individual?  There was a suggestion that maybe there be a prompt to remind staff, but I think that it should be assumed that if the person is no longer in the program, than the IPOP/Safeguard is no longer applicable, and therefore should no longer be included in the ISP Plan.

In response to my feedback (which was, as always, very pleasant and made me feel like I have great ideas that they will someday put in place), Therap requested that I discuss this idea with others in our forum!

So, please post your comments here in the Customer Blog, or hop on over to the  forum:


and put your comments there so that Therap can  better understand how this is used with ISP Plans by different users.  Thank you!!!