Just a quick note about some things I found out about Therap last week.  After a recent update, you are able to run a search on ISP data, then export to Excel and get some really cool information.  Fields that are included are time in, time out, and the comments sections.  This allows for some pretty awesome data mining once you get it into Excel. 

Now the other reason that this is way cool is that this was a topic that Sazzad and I talked about at the Kansas City conference.  So we talked, and poof, a few days later it is there.  Just another of the many reason to join in on a conference. 

On a final note, my wife is starting her new job today.  Just wanted to tell her that she is going to be great at it and to also let her know that the main reason I am successful is because of how she has helped me grow as a person.  I know you will do a good job and meet every challenge head on.

Until next time…