Here is a thought………………..

When you log on to your computer,  how do you reach the Therap login page?

There are two roads that one could take( or only 2 this author knows).   One option would be going through the Therap home page.  (  However, I would venture to guess it is all too common for a short cut to be created that links directly to the login page.(

I personally have always  gone through the Therap home page,  but did not require my team to do the same, I thought it to be just one extra and needless step for them.   About 4 years ago I began setting the shortcuts all to the home page  and they stayed that way because Cheryl said.  It was not until recently that I took the time to review the website with the DSP’s, giving what Cheryl said to have a bit of meaning.

It was interesting, enjoyable  and humbling to watch the reactions.

I find the T-Girl to be cute, especially her accent!  They  chuckled at the application.

I find Planet Eptar to be silly and too whimsical.  They are often playing the game.

I find Justin’s caricature slightly disturbing.  They found it uncannily  like Justin’s real photo and cool.

I find the conference updates to be a must look at each login.  I don’t think they noticed them.

I find the User’s garage to be intriguing.  They thought they were incomprehensible chicken scratches.

I find the quizzes to be fun.  They found them to be competition among them.

I find the Blogs to be a light hearted addition to my day.  They noticed Justin’s real photo.

It goes to say  we all see things differently.  What I thought were the best applications did not acurately represent my team.  What I thought was a extra step turned out to be extra learning!