…for the Therap Technology Seminar was very interesting.  It started out with Karen (my office mate) and I waiting 45 minutes at the rental car place for my reserved car that the manager claimed was getting an oil change (have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode where he questions the rental car lady about her understanding the definition of taking vs. holding a reservation?  We kind of felt like that.) Once we get the car, it smells like cologne, not anything bad, but slightly overwhelming.

We get going and after we get a little way on Interstate 86, I call my husband to let him know we are finally headed out. He asks me what vehicle I have.. I tell him the make of the car and he asks if it is dark grey.  “How do you know that?” I ask.  He tells me that his buddy from work just turned in the exact same car and told them that they need to change the front tires because they are bald (small world).  So now I have to pull over on the Interstate to check out the tires, to find out, indeed they are bald (or at least we think they are, but we don’t really know, because we are the kind of women that don’t pay attention to those kinds of things, that’s what we have husbands for!).

My husband calls the rental car place (he does these types of things for me out of love) and they direct us to go to the next town to this tire/muffler/oil change place and they’ll get the tires changed, because we do live in the snow belt and will probably be driving through snow at some point in time during our trip.

We get to the tire/muffler/oil change store and sit down to wait the hour that it’s going to take to get us in, and realize that, right next to the store, separated by a single door, is a hair salon?  Can you imagine the different odors that go through that door?  Well, indeed we can, because when we finally get the car and get in… not only does it smell of cologne, it also smells like an oily garage.

Fortunately, the rest of the drive was uneventful and Karen and I spent the majority of it discussing Seinfeld episodes (name all of Jerry’s girlfriends:  Two Face, Big Hands, Mutton Girl, etc…; episodes related to food: Marble Rye, Jumbalaya, Lobster Bisque…. yada, yada, yada) because we are cramming for a Seinfeld SceneIt? party that we hope to have after the holidays.  Karen has asked Santa to bring her the game, so we want to be prepared!!!

Cartoon of People

Hopefully the rest of the week will be more about Therap and less about Seinfeld!  I promise!!!

Renee :-}