Yesterday’s seminar was awesome!  I got to hear some ideas that Therap is working on, one of which is having the picture of the individual visible anywhere you see the individual’s name!  Great idea, hope to see it soon!

But what I enjoyed most was sitting with new and potential users to discuss the different modules on Therap.  It’s amazing what a fresh set of eyes can do for someone that’s been working on Therap for awhile.  I’d show them what the ISP Program/Data or ISP Plan could do and I’d get questions like, well can it do this….?  Wow, I’ve never thought of that, let’s send a feedback!

You’ve heard it several times on this blog, as well as others… if you have a chance to get to a Therap conference, you need to go!  You’ll get to learn new things about Therap and you’ll always leave with a bunch of great new contacts in your network!

So, until next time…

Cartoon of Simpson

…see you later dude!

Renee :-}