Graphic of 'Winter Storm Warning' Sign

In anticipation of the storm heading our way, all of the schools in the county are closed (except for my daughter’s of course…don’t tell my boss, but my kids and I were looking forward to a snow day so we could finish getting ready for Christmas, oh well!).  Also, several staff that drive from other parts of the county have called to say that they won’t make it to the office due to the driving conditions.

You might think that this causes quite a disturbance in how things work around here, but staff that typically check out Therap in their office, can jump online and login wherever they are, whether it be at a day program, a residential site, or their home computer, and not miss a thing.  And as you know, the show goes on in this business, no matter the amount of snow.  One more way Therap makes life at work easier!

Now, I know it’s only December, and Santa needs it for the reindeer and his sleigh, but…

Graphic of Raised Hands Tired of Snow