I needed some help with pivot tables and excel today, and guess who I called?  It was Justin to the rescue!  It is days like this that remind me why I am glad Occazio uses Therap.  No matter how many times I seem to call, email, text, or just bug them in general, Therap always comes through with a smile and the stuff that I need. 

So the process went like this…

I called Justin yesterday with a problem about exporting ISP data to excel.  He told me to do a feedback and I heard back from customer support this morning.  I forwarded the email to Justin, even though I knew he had seen it already, asking if he had any suggestions.  He emailed me back and stated that if I sent the file, he would take a look at it.  I had worked through some things, so I emailed back and stated I had “figured it out.”  Ha Ha, famous last words. 

So about an hour after that, I called Justin and asked him for help with pivot tables.  He chuckled at the fact that I had to dismiss my ego to ask for help.  I then sent an scomm to customer support with the excel file attached.  Justin told me he would work on it and get back with me. 

The finale was about fifteen minutes later when I received the file.  It was not only exactly what I needed, but Justin went above and beyond to call me (again) and explain how he did it.

Nothing says support like this.  Therap, no matter what, keep doing what you guys do because you are hands down the best at it.  And now I understand why Justin ranked higher on Bonnie’s Geek Blog than me!

Until next time…