Here was my pedicament yesterday…We just recently started formally utilizing the IDF module in Therap and I needed to know what percentage of IDF’s have been approved in our entire agency.  I clicked on “Search” under “Individual Data Form” with only the option of “Approved” for status chosen, and was given a list of “202 items found.”  I then did a “New Search” with no parameters selected so that I could get the total number of IDF’s, “638 items found,” so far so good!

Just to be sure that my account had access to all individuals on Therap, I went back to FirstPage and switched to “Administration Mode” so that I could pull up the “Individual List (All).”  Uh-oh, “661 items found,” I must not have given myself privileges to any of the new programs I entered last week, so I check out my privileges and see that I do have access to the entire agency, so why aren’t my numbers the same?

I spend the next 15-20 minutes trying to figure out why I’m getting two different numbers???  Everyone on Therap has an IDF, so shouldn’t my list of IDF’s equal my list of all individuals on Therap???  Now, just to let you know, apparently I’m having a very bad Therap week, because I’ve had to have the obvious pointed out to me several times by non-Therap-Queen qualified staff, so when I send my predicament to Customer Support I apologize in advance for the obvious answer that they’re probably going to send me back!!!

This morning I open up my e-mail account to find that Saquib has saved the day and pointed out to me that the “Individual List (All)” includes both Active and Inactive Individuals, and that although on our agency’s list there are 661 Individuals, only 638 are Active!!!!!!  WAHOO!!!!


So in summary, what did I learn…

1) That next month when I have to calculate this percentage again, I’m going to use “Search Individual” in “Administrative Mode” and select “Active” so that I only get the number of active individuals on Therap.

2) Saquib and Therap Customer Support are even more awesome today than they I thought they were yesterday, and even then I thought they were totally awesome!!!

And finally,

3) I LOVE THERAP!!!!!  Okay, so this isn’t something new I learned today, but none the less, it’s true!!!