I’m not very likely to make New Year Resolutions.  This is probably due to the fact that I’ve not been real successful at keeping them.  However, I am working on having an “attitude of gratitude”.

Today I was able to experience gratitude for many people at LifeQuest who make our journey together meaningful.  As many of you know – it is stressful to have reviewers looking at files, reviewing processes, and analyzing your systems.  LifeQuest just experienced this for the last three days.  But all is well!  This is due to the dedicated employees working to make our supports focused on what people want and need.

We were commended for our efforts with Person Centered Thinking, respect for people’s rights, facilitating people having more control in their lives, plans that are modified as change occurs in their lives, and safety being addressed.  We were also commended on our Incident Management System that addresses trends.

So I’m grateful for my coworkers and for their dedication to the people we support.  I’m also grateful for Therap being a great tool to help us in our mission at LifeQuest.

So since I’m struggling with being grateful for subzero weather in South Dakota – I’ll just keep focusing on what I can be grateful for!