I am so excited to be a new blogger on Therap-THANKS JUSTIN AND KARA!!!!  I have been working with Therap for several years now with the new OCCAZIO (formerly Cardinal Service Management).  This week we have what we call Team Meetings and we have been doing more training and prepping with staff for the future of MARS and getting feedback from staff on suggestion they have to make things easier for them.   We get a great response from staff which is so nice to hear.  As a nurse the continued growth in Therap always excites me.  Each new release from Therap is always a much awaited event on my part so that I can play and educate myself on the changes and updates.

I like being able to pull data together at anytime of the day.  When I have a patient or I am on call for a patient that has new developments, Therap makes my job so much easier by having the ability to see some recent data that helps me better able to guide staff to assist that person.   As I said earlier the MARS are a very exciting module that I so look forward to watching its growth as for me-it will continue to improve my ability to better serve the wonderful folks I do!

Thanks again to Justin and Kara, but Justin we must talk about my password!:)  I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THERAP!