First thing this morning at the conference, Justin and T-Girl showed us the coolest new link within Therap.  Did you find it at the bottom of the page under Feedback?  It’s a place where we can all share our ideas about new concepts and current applications.  It you think you have a great idea on how to improve a module… submit your idea.  Then we can all read it, submit a comment, and then rate it… if we like it, we can click on the up arrow and improve it’s count… if we don’t, well, then you can click on the down arrow, but aren’t all ideas good ideas depending on your perspective?

After that, I headed to my first session with Kara and Shawon on GER’s and Management Summaries.  I’ve alreay shared several ideas with Shawon about some enhancements that I would love to see and after taking a moment to think about it, his response was that it would very difficult, but “Anything’s possible!”  You might think he was just trying to pacify me until he could figure out how to make my almost impossible task a reality, but not me.  If it can be, Therap will make it happen!!!