I had the wonderful opportunity to spend an entire session with Masum this morning.  It began with a discussion on security access and how we create our caseloads, give out privileges, and general information on how The Resource Center sets up user access.  As always, he and his colleagues are thinking about the future of Therap and how to make it better.  He shared some ideas about simplifying the Super Roles; currently there are 200 different roles, and as new modules are introduced, more roles will need to be created, so you can see why we’re having this discussion!

Another topic was moving toward a more individual-based FirstPage, sort of like Facebook.  When you login, your FirstPage is a list of the names of individuals that you work with, you click on the name, and you get a page like your wall in FB, with a list of T-Log like entries, and then you have tabs for HT, GER’s, etc….    Sounds pretty cool, huh?!?!?!

Now I don’t think that this will be anything that we will see anytime soon, they’ll have to work out lots of issues, but it was really great to participate in how the Therap team thinks, develops, and eventually imiplements everything that we do on Therap.

Finally, at the end of the session, I got to talk about my wish list!!!  He assures me that several of my requests are in the works, and the rest he will give to Sazzad to fix!

After lunch, Masum gave a presentation on Therap in Bangeldesh, which I’ve seen before, but always find very interesting.  He has quite a good sense of humor, and was able to throw a few jabs at Richard, which really got the crowd laughing.

This evening it’s off to NEW YORK CITY!!!  I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!!!  Bye!!!  :-}