…gets shared in a blog!!!  Last night was lots of fun, with Jenny, Anna, and Jeff being tour guides on our bus trip.  We drove by Yankee Stadium and then stopped at the historical Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Picture of Apollo Theater

After that we went and had some of New York’s finest pizza.  Anna graciously thanked the chef with a great big Kansas-style hug!!!

Picture of Anna

I’ve been anticipating our next stop since I found out we were getting a chance to go to NY… the Statue of Liberty!!!  I took some pictures of her, but we were so very far away and it was so very, very cold, that I never got a really good shot, but you know what she looks like!

And then it was off to Times Square where we had a little over an hour to do some walking and shopping.  We never found any purse vendors on the street, which I’m sure will make my husband happy, but my co-workers and I were able to find a few things to bring home for our each of our kids.

One of my favorite stores was the M&M store, because as soon as we walked in, all you could smell was chocolate!!!  Yummy!!!  Although riding the elevator with this guy was a little intimidating!

Icon of M&M's

Picture of New York city

Overall it was a really great trip.  Lori and I had a lot of fun on the bus trip,… wait let me clarify, Lori had a lot of fun laughing at me on the bus trip, so much so that her sides were hurting on the way home!!!

Thanks so much to Richard for giving us the opportunity to take the trip, and to Anna, Jenny, and Jeff for being our guides.  You will always be a part of my first trip to New York City.  THANKS!!!