I was theraping early this morning.  Yes I am a therap addict- I therap all the time.- 6 AM, 11 PM I am always working.  I was reviewing t logs and after reviewing a tlog I needed to investigate some health information.  I use my handy cursor to go to my usual first page key.  I am still a slightly sleepy as I am sitting in my pajama’s directing/pleading with children as they prepare for school when a little blue box appears-it has “first page menu”-I move my cursor off the blue box-it dissapears, I try one more time then the blue box reappears!  HOW WONDERFUL I dont even have to go back to the first page I can search the health tracking information from my tlog page.  GENIUS!  Again therap has saved me time! THANK YOU!  It is the small things that make my day!  The great thing is when you send them feedback, suggestion, comment they listen.  IT IS FABULOUS!  More time to direct children as they whine about going to school! HOORAY!