For those of us who have attended Therap conferences we have experienced that training can be fun.  Who can answer the question on the Justin’s jeopardy game of how many browsers he uses?  I believe Pete got that one right!!!

However, there was a discussion at the conference in Kansas about how it can be challenging to provide training on some topics.  I recall blood borne pathogens being a topic mentioned.  However, I’ve witnessed that trainings, while not always something we look forward too, can at least be fun!

What do you need?  People who are willing to put a little extra time in preparing.  People who can share less than exciting information in a “fun” way.  We are fortunate to have those people at LifeQuest.

Our staff in the nursing department shared some information on blood borne pathogens in a very memorable way.  I can still see them walking through the room, lip syncing to music, dressed in personal protective equipment, and carrying some food items displayed in very imaginative fashion!  I won’t say more about that!

Or how about dressing up with Village People headgear and PPE to sing about prevention of passing on contagious illnesses.

After all we all learn better when we are enjoying ourselves and for those of us who are auditory or visual or kinesthetic learners – what is better than singing, dancing and something best described as goop!

There is a website that is helpful in finding songs that can help with training on health related topics.

In April we have several workgroups planning our “Factor Fun” training at LifeQuest.  I’m looking forward to seeing what fun ways we are going to learn about CQL Basic Assurances!