Technology is one of those things that continues to intrigue me.

I grew up on a farm in rural Nebraska. Now I’m going to date myself with this blog – but it was back in the day when a Sunday afternoon meant going for a car ride with your family.  You did not have a particular destination in mind but always ended up dropping by a neighboring farm.  No call beforehand, no scheduling on a calendar, no email, no chat online to see if they were home – just dropped in unannounced.  I recall standing in gardens with the women and chatting about how the gardens were doing this growing season.  There was always one or two vegies that did really well that year while others struggled.  The men would hang out in the corrals and chat about a variety of things while looking over the livestock.

Never did I imagine that I would have those memories be brought to the surface so vividly through a computer game.  For those who have not checked out facebook yet – and I’m sure there is at least one person out there  – I encourage you to do so!

I now have a farm online in facebook.  I get to drop by my neighbor’s farms and help them out with raking leaves, watering crops, and pulling weeds – even when they are not at home.  For those who have grown up on farms – you know that is quite real.  There is even a little bonus of earning $$$$ for those chores – which I can then use for crops on my own farm.

I go to a marketplace and meet other farmers (who are all begging for work).  The game is designed where you actually earn more money by hiring others to harvest your crops.  You also can earn $$$ by helping out your farmers with their harvest.  My husband also has a farm.  Now we are having conversations about getting home to check our crops!  Wow – does that sound familiar for a farm gal or what!!!!

I get to hang out on my sister’s farm and chat with them.  We talk about our plans to expand the farm and how much money we can make on different crops.   We catch up on how our lives are going.  Again – what do most farmers talk about????

I hope that all of you have the same great opportunities that I do through work, church, and social networking online to meet people and reconnect with old friends, family and neighbors.

Connection with people is such a powerful thing.  That is after all what all of us in the field of developmental disabilities is working to make happen everyday.

I guess the farm girl can move off the farm – but the farm never leaves…