I have to confess that this morning, getting up on the Monday after a long weekend, was no picnic.  My son didn’t want to go to daycare, he wanted to go with his sister to Ms. Terry’s house… my daughter didn’t want to go to Ms. Terry’s house, let alone get out of bed… and honestly, I really didn’t want to go to work.  But after getting the kids to where they needed to go and sitting at my desk to read the blogs at Therap… I felt like doing the happy dance!!!

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First… WE FINALLY HAVE A DATE FOR THE RELEASE OF 8.1 (this weekend)!!! And they’ve shared some great screen shots of the new dashboard!!!  How cool is that for a Monday morning?!?!?!  I’ve already penciled in next Monday morning for checking out all the new stuff (although I’ll probably take a peek at it Sunday before church!).

Second… Richard has already set up the date for the 2010 Therap National Provider Administrator Conference!!! Put it in your calendars now, because you have to be there… it’s just too good to miss.  Tons of sessions for the beginner and the advanced user, networking with other agencies, and Extreme Jeopardy!!!

And I promise I won’t be so competitive and scream out the answers to the questions this time.  Really, I won’t… I promise.

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