The new office building is finally completed after what seemed like the longest 18 months on record and today is moving day.  It’s an old school that has been remodeled to fit our needs.  All of the offices have brand new carpet, new cubicles, windows, the works… and it is absolutely beautiful!!!

Picture of Resource Center is Unavailable

Sadly, I am moving into the old building.

In the basement.

With no windows.

Not to worry, once the upstairs of the new building is completely remodeled, I’ve been told there is a spot made just for me!!!  And the basement isn’t bad either, there’s an atrium with a balcony to the first floor, so although it’s not all brand new, it’s not all that bad.

And here’s the best part… for all those conversations about how Therap saves on paper, here’s a new perspective: I didn’t need to use a single box for any of the information I have on Therap.  No lifting, no packing, no losing a single piece of paper in the move!!!

One more reason why I LOVE THERAP… I think I need to start keeping a list!!!