Whenever I get an SComm requesting that I enter a new Shared Contact, I always have to print off the request so that I can see the address and phone number.  Although I am not one of those folks that are overly green and trying to save the world, as the Therap Administrator, I do try to discourage staff from printing Therap documentation.  That’s one of it’s purposes, to save on paper.  But if I don’t print it, when I leave the SComm Module to go to my Admin module, I can no longer see the information, and my memory just isn’t that good!

But today, I found a way to get around this (it’s always fun to find a work-around that makes the Therap programmers think more!).  When I get an SComm where I need to see the entry after leaving the SComm module, I click on the print button on the upper right, BUT, instead of clicking on “Print” on the pop-up window and actually printing, I just click on “Cancel.”  The “Therap :: Printing SComm” window that has all the information from the SComm stays open for me to refer to when I get to where I need to enter the information.  When I’m done, I just close the pop-up window.  No more printing!!!

Although I discovered this due to a Shared Contact request, I can also see myself doing this at other times for other modules.  Now I know that this isn’t very blog-worthy, but I wanted to share it with all of you that would like to save just a few more papers and therefore some money for your agency!!!