It’s been a very busy week here at the conference in Colorado.  It started out with my flight being diverted to a tiny airport in Cheyenne, Wyoming because when the plane was seconds away from landing (I could see the lines on the runway, that’s how close we were to landing), the pilot decided that the wind was making it too dangerous to land.  I couldv’e told him that 15 minutes earlier when I was bouncing off my seat, but what do I know about flying.

The good news is that we were the first of three planes diverted, so we got to refuel and the other planes were going to have to wait for three hours for more fuel to be brought in!  We waited a little over an hour until the weather passed, and there was no more problems with the flight into Denver, whew.  13 hours from start to finish.

Picture of Aeroplane

Wednesday was filled with meeting folks from all over the Midwest and a couple of ladies originally from Buffalo, small world!  Lots of sessions on Therap, but also a few sessions from a representative of Rest Assured and Web Footed Friends, which were very interesting.

Today has been another busy day of training (Advanced Reporting, Family Access, TMS) and I’m currently in on an Advanced User Panel Discussion.  AWESOME!  Folks from South Dakota, Montana, Hawaii, and Minnesota all talking about Therap.  I love these conferences!!!

Picture of Advanced User Panel Discussion in Colorado Conference

Bonnie, Bill, Kevin, and Cheryl