I’m sure many of you have seen the movie Marley & Me.  I loved the book and the movie.  JP (my husband) and I watched the movie together and the whole time we kept saying – he is a yellow version of Chip!!!!

It is time to introduce you all to our beloved black lab Chip.

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We are fortunate to have wonderful people who take care of Chip whenever we travel and he goes to “doggie camp”!  The Anderson’s lovingly call him Mr. Vertical.  Yes, he loves to jump and jump high.  I’m often thankful that he was not blessed with the instinct of our former beloved Sam (also a black lab) who literally scaled 6′ kennel panels.  He was an escape artist but had to work hard at it.  Chip, on the other hand, has the physical agility to stand on a cement block in the kennel and leap over the fence. Fortunately he has never figured that out (smile)!

Sam also knew NOT to use his escape tactics until “after” I left for work.  I recall several fun greetings from him when pulling into my drive when getting home from work.  Again, Chip was not blessed with the discernment gene of when NOT to use your escape route.

I came home one day and he is wagging his tail in the kennel.  I’m in the house for 5 minutes and on a phone call.  Check the voice mail and have a message from the service we use in the event Chip is lost saying “Chip has been found”.  I’m thinking – Chip is not lost!!!

After retrieving him from a neighbors yard — I surveyed his kennel and could not figure out how he got out.  Of course I’m thinking he finally figured out how to jump over the top.  After laboring for several hours with 12 foot panels on the top of the kennel – I put him in the kennel and I sarcastically say “Chip show me how you got out”.   Well – within 5 seconds – he did!  Which lead to a few more hours of repair on the kennel.  Wish I would have asked him first – but never dreamed he would show me (smile)!

Someday I may post the story of the training we tried for Chip!  Amazing how he behaved so well for the trainer.  Hmmmm – maybe it should have been JP and I that went away for 10 days to “doggie training camp”?

I’ll post a picture of Chip as soon as I can figure out how to do that!!!