Well, I don’t know about your list, but our agency Shared Contact List is getting out of control.  It seems that if a user can’t find what they are looking for, then they just Create A New Shared Contact, and the list ends up having duplicates of the same physician, with the same address, with the same phone number.  One Audiologist, I’ll call her Anne, was listed four times on our list.

I was excited when I found out that as a Data Administrator I could create custom Contact Types, because I think that this will help users locate the specific contact for which they are looking.  For example, the majority of doctors are listed as physicians, but really, they are Nuerologists, Dermatologists, Cardiologists, etc… or they are listed as Specialists, but really they are Audiologists, Speech Pathologists, etc…   Having them listed as what they actually are will make it easier for users to locate them.

So, I created a new Custom Contact Type, Audiologist, and updated one of the entries with all the correct information.  I then tried to Reassign and Delete one of the other 3 entries that had her listed as a Specialist, but Therap came back with an error message telling me that I couldn’t do that.


  • This Shared Contact has been used in HT-Appointment/HT-Medication History/T-Log/GER/ISP Plan froms and hence the contact type can not be changed
  • (Those messages make me crazy.)  I sent a feedback telling Therap my problem and the following day, Naimul, one of the wonderful Therap Customer Support Staff, confirmed that I could not reassign and delete different types of contacts.

    Not the answer I wanted to hear.

    But then I realized, in giving me the answer that I didn’t want to hear, I was also given the answer as to how to fix it!!!  It took a little more effort, but worth it.  I went back to the 3 entries listed as Specialist, changed them to Audiologist, and then tried reassigning and deleting all over again.

    Successfully Reassigned and Deleted

    Wahoo!  It worked!!!  I tried it for the other two, and no problems.  Now there is only the one entry for Anne, with all of the correct information, and she is listed as an Audiologist.

    Once again, Therap has proven that they are awesome, even when they don’t give you the answer that you think you wanted.  Thank you Therap!!!