Believe it or not, I’m not at Fishkill.  And I am devastated.  The short story is that I’m feeling much better and my mother-in-law’s surgery went very well. 

My co-workers, Bev, Coty, Letisha, Steve and Todd were able to go without me, so I’m looking forward to hearing from them next week about all the sessions they attended and all the great stuff they’ve discovered that Therap has to offer.  If you see them, intoduce yourself and say hello.  They’re great at what they do, they know Therap very well, and will be able to answer a lot of your questions.

Enjoy the conference for me… I really wish I was there, but since I’m not, I’ll keep watching the blogs.  I really hope to see something on here from Pete or Bonnie (but I’m not holding my breath!).  See you at the next conference!

Thanks!  Renee