Even though I didn’t get to be there at Fishkill this year, my colleagues were kind enough to bring me back some pictures of their week (I’m giving them the benefit here and assuming that they aren’t rubbing it in)…

One of the stops on the NYC trip was to see the Statue of Liberty…

Picture of Statue of Liberty at M&M Store, New YorkPicture of Different Colors of M&Ms at M&M Store, New York

…you can find her in the M&M’s store, where there are M&M’s of every color imaginable in tubes that are two-stories high! Yum!

Thanks to Justin for taking my place as assistant to Todd in his multiple presentations on how MSC’s in NY utilize Therap and the ISP Plan…

 Picture of Justin and ToddPicture of Todd

… also a great big Thanks! to Todd for his willingness to share with all of the other NY providers all the things that our MSC department does on Therap.

Included in the trip to NYC, was a stop at the local pizza parlor, which everyone enjoyed.  And the reports are that although the food at the conference was great, by the end of the week, all they wanted to do was eat something besides chicken!

Picture of New York TripPicture of New York Trip at a Local Pizza Parlor

Thanks Coty, Bev, Letisha, Steve, and Todd!!!  Thanks so much for representing The Resource Center and bringing back such great ideas as to where our agency can continue to improve in our utilization of Therap.  You guys are awesome!!!

Renee :)