If you are a reader of all the blogs, you have probably already read about LiveLook in Justin’s blog.  If not, you really should check it out.  Here is the condensed version… when you are on Live Help, you have the ability to share your screen so that Therap can see what you see.

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to utilize LiveLook yet, I can certainly see the benefit.  As the Therap Administrator for a large agency, my day frequently consists of nothing more than taking phone calls from co-workers and assisting them with a problem that they are having.  I would love to be able to see the screen exactly as the caller sees it so that I can accurately evaluate what is the concern.

So my question is… how soon will Therap be expanding this option for the Data Adminstrators of  specific agencies?!  When will I be on the other side of LiveLook viewing the screen of a user with a question at my agency?!

Now that would be awesome!!!  ;)

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