Picture of Renee MoffattPicture of Renee Moffatt at TRC

That’s right, it’s the big-FOUR-OH for me!!!  The picture on the right is from an Expo we had here at TRC where I got to experience what it would be like to be visually impaired and work in our workshop putting together jewelry boxes (it wasn’t easy).

My kids woke me up singing Happy Birthday, my mom called and sang to me, and my wonderful co-workers posted 40 of those pictures every where throughout my cubicle and the break room!!!  They hung 40 rubber bands all over my desk, linked 40 paper clips like a garland, wrote “40” on forty sticky notes and used them to border my bulletin board, and (best of all)…brought breakfast pizza!!!  My supervisor called and sang Hapy Birthday on my voice mail, and my assistant brought me some Begonias to plant in the spring!!!

I also found these all over my desk…

Picture of stickers on Renee Moffat's Desk on her Birthday

…not sure if I appreciate those.

But, overall, a wonderful way to start the next decade!  Thank you to all my fabulous friends at work for making my birthday so great.  You are absolutely AWESOME and the best co-workers a queen could ask for!!!

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