Yesterday’s unplanned down time of Therap is an unusual occurrence and doesn’t happen very often.  Typically, Therap notifies everyone that they are going to be down for a period of time and it is usually in the middle of the night.  But, if it were to happen again, is your agency prepared?

Therap provides several Offline Forms for documentation when the system is down.  They can also be used for documentation when staff is away from a computer, for example, camping in the middle of the forest or at a meeting where there’s no Internet connection.

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To get to the forms, just click on Help & Support at the bottom of any page, or at the top of the Therap homepage, and you’ll find them on the right-hand side directly above “Useful Links” (or click here!).

You’ll find a list of  forms from Health Tracking, GERs, the IDF, a T-Log form, and several other forms that are state-specific to Connecticut, Delaware, Montana, and New York.  You can then print them off and keep them in a file, handy for the next unexpected time they are needed.

Now, to be honest with you, we’ve been using Therap since 2005 and we have never needed to use the forms for unplanned down time.  But they have come in handy for training, off-site documentation, and preparing for an individual new to the agency… print off the IPOP/Safeguard, take it to the Information Sharing Meeting, and fill it out right there, so once the individual is enrolled, you have everything you need to complete the form online.

I don’t know if Richard or Justin, or any of the other Therap staff or programmers were Boy Scouts, but they definitely did a good job with the motto… Be Prepared.  Now you just have to make sure that your agency follows their lead and is prepared with offline forms!

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