Picture of Feedback Process

We all know that Therap sets a high standard for inviting Feedback. This feedback improves quality and enhances customer service. For example, have you ever noticed that no matter how many ‘dumb’ questions you ask, Therap always responds in a patient and helpful way (at least online Emoticon showing smiley face?

It’s our aim to provide great customer service to our stakeholders and also to improve the quality of our services and processes. So we’ve made it our goal to emulate Therap’s feedback standards in our own agency approach to training internal and external users at our agency.

One way we accomplish this is to reinforce anyone who asks questions and prizes if they can “stump the PA.” (That’s easier some days than others! Emoticon showing smiley face Another way we invite feedback is to survey all users. Our first survey was sent via S Comm. It asked a number of multiple choice and true/false questions asking things such as:

  • What is your position at PI?
  • How long have you used Therap?
  • What module adds the most value to your day?
  • How easy is it to enter and edit data?
  • How easy is it to find data in Therap?
  • Does Therap data entry take more or less time than paper documentation?
  • On which modules would you like more training?

It didn’t surprise us at all that Therap was well liked and easier to FIND information. What surprised us was how many staff reported that entering electronic data was actually simpler and took LESS time than writing on paper. Another unexpected nugget was the unsolicited feedback from direct care staff that Therap made them feel more trusted and empowered, because they have instant access to so much information.

A limitation of the S Comm survey is that it was terrible for analyzing data since everything is basically a narrative. We’re sending out a new survey using Survey Monkey. They offer a ‘basic’ tool you can use for free, and a more advanced tool you can use repeatedly for an annual fee. Survey Monkey allows for much better analysis and is a great time saver. We’re going to send the survey invitation via link in S Comm (one to staff and a slightly different one to guardians and state case managers).  These surveys offer valuable TREND information. We use this to improve our Therap processes and to communicate the GOOD NEWS to our Management Team and Board of Directors.   I’m interested in how you promote Feedback at your agency!

*Bryan Thayer*

Progress Industries

Newton, Iowa